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Selah Guru, a lyrical artist and performer born in Harlem, NY, and raised in Augusta, GA is a Hip-Hop Expressive Coordinator, host of the Supreme MCs Rule Boom Bap Hip Hop Hour, and founder of Supreme MCs Rule Hip-Hop Expression Program, improving economic and social outcomes for youth K-12 by using the elements of Hip Hop as a tool for self-expression, emotional intelligence and learning social skills. His mother has been a huge inspiration in his entertainment career. She recognized her young son’s talent and entered him into an acclaimed talent contest at the age of 7, winning performing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean at Augusta, GA Civic Center. Since then, he has dominated stages in numerous Hip-Hop shows and festivals across the nation.

Selah has showcased lyrical skills in front of some of the best Hip-Hop artists in history at a young stage in his Hip-Hop career, including the Notorious B.I.G., Doug E. Fresh, and Sway of MTV. All of them recognized his talent and was a major push in the furthering of his career. With musical influences ranging from rock, jazz, soul to Hip-Hop, his style cannot be neatly fit into any box. As a freestyle artist, Selah constantly reinvents himself. However his message is what it’s always been since Hip Hop started, which reflects in his music. A true thoroughbred, and very conscious from his words to his style, he TRULY loves Hip Hop and lives and breathes it daily. In his own words, “HIP HOP SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!”

He has an uncanny ability to discover and develop new artists. His key to success is “Humility goes a long way.” Music from Selah’s current project “7 Seals of Hip Hop” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more, and His music is in collaboration with JETLOUD (Gifted Artists and Achievers of A New Generation).

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