Are you an Independent Artist looking to gain exposure for you and your music? Would you like to grow your fan base, and have the opportunity to have your music heard worldwide? If so, WELCOME, you are definitely in the right place.

How can ROUND HERE RADIO help you, the Artist? We are the Only 24 hour HD digital Independent Urban Online Streaming Radio Station in the CSRA area, giving YOU, the Artist; the chance to have your music played in constant rotation in comparison to the spins Mainstream Artist receive in College, Clear Channel, and Satellite radio. ROUND HERE RADIO listeners tune in daily to hear their favorite indie artist 24/7 365 a year, live interviews, and special broadcasts.

ROUND HERE RADIO is a “Licensed” internet radio station. “Licensed” meaning we pay a broadcasting fee that ensures your royalties are paid respectively. As long as you and your music is registered and copyrighted & you have sent your music to Mediabase, then you can receive royalties for your music being played. Our mission and focus is to help provide Independent Artist with the opportunity to expand your fan base and gain the exposure all Artists strive for. ROUND HERE RADIO/ will change the way that independent artist are heard. We understand and know the struggle in which Indie Artist fight for radio spins, so we have a strict no tolerance policy on Mainstream Music. You have the opportunity to expose your music to millions worldwide, via the internet, stream mobile applications, Roku and iTunes Radio.

The formula is simple: The more you promote RoundHereRadio; where your music is constant rotation, the more people will listen to your music and increase your fan base. The more buzz you generate the more downloads, CDs and merchandise you will sell. Waiting for a record company to pull you from the barrel and place your songs on the radio is EVERY inspiring independent artists dream, but RoundHereRadio can bring your music to the streets NOW!

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